Monday, 4 April 2016

Crazy Cat Lady

I know I know I possibly played this wrong.

Blogging my fellowship is as hard as playing so I thought I will play 
a little while I take a break as I don't have much time to play now the kids are off

So I didn't take play pictures but I did take end pictures. 

This is half way through play and I thought I would take a pic of the mess
I only had 6 cats for some reason no matter how many times I said try for kitten it never happens in my game. 

Poor Lady Kathy she rolled fortune and I was lucky enough to get 
have 6 pets reach top of career :) 

So we have Daisy who is a star and learned Play dead, Roll over and speak.

Focus who is a rescue cat, he learned Come here, Roll over and shake.

Lazer who is also a rescue cat, he learned Come here, play dead, roll over, shake and speak.

Raisin is a star, she was a quick learner and her needs always stayed relatively so
she learned come here, play dead, roll over, stay, shake, sit up and speak.

Suzy is another rescue cat, she learned come here, roll over, shake, speak and stay.

Lastly we have Tom who is also a rescue cat, 
He learned come here, play dead, roll over, 
shake and speak. 

And we say goodbye to Kathy who was best pals with all here cats and all her cats had the highest relationship with each other that I have ever had with pets, 
I don't normally play with pets as I am so bad with them. 

She only had 2 friends because we focused on the pets. 

Awww 6 sad little kitties xx 

Death must have a really weak bladder as he always 
uses the loo before leaving. 

I darent score this as I didn't really take pictures and I am not sure how to score it. I played after reading another blog and thought I would have a go xx 

Sunday, 13 March 2016

Warrior too

I must be mad :O 

Thank you to my dear friend Asimwen who allowed me to play this family, it was not as challenging as I thought it would be but micro manage and no fights helped me loads, along with the pond. 

Unfortunately I have the name change glitch so they all have different surnames, however I did change their first names back. 

So anyway, if this link works you will see the back story

Let the fun begin. 

On entering we did have a little fight going but after changing their names back they just stood around looking miserable so I send them all to School. 

No hiding Barry, you are going too.

Oh and I think we found mummy, I have no idea what her name is.. I mean was. 

Oh how I love Alexandra, she is not a happy bunny..

So after the children left I had great teaching Donny to walk. 

Thank you Humble boy, I can get a few simoleans now :) 

The welcome wagon, don't ask me their names please I forgot to write it all down. 
So I apologise if I get the kids names wrong too. 

I had to occupy everyone so I had great dig a few holes and then filled it.
I made sure every kid went and fished and the townies joined in. 

The fun begins, poor Donny doesnt have a bed and I have to replace that fridge, 
Poor babba was starving and sleepy. 

He eventually fell asleep where he lay, I did give him a smart bottle but only one until we get funds to buy a fridge because.... 

I bought beds thinking that was more important than them stinking from peeing themselves. 
Hey its the way I play. 

Too late Great, too late all the kids are in bed and NOW he cooks dinner.

The kids were so starved they got up when they smelt cooking, 
These two went to play catch. The others were directed to fish.

We dig dig dig dig dig dig dig, we work the whole day through.. 
Come on great we need lots of money here just get a mini house going. 

Ooh a vase 4000 thank you very much. 

This looks mad, fishing, digging, eating sleeping.. 
I don't think I am doing too bad here. 

Must get this homework done so we need kids to learn some.

I can't remember which two children this was but it looks good to see + signs.

Woohoo homework mule :) 
I had those two talking until they got out of negative but they fell asleep before they got there.

Hanging out

They autonomously hung out together, 
Alexandra was invited because I didn't like to see her left out. 

As you can see poor Donny got ignored most of this round, he kind of slept most of it. 

STEP AWAY from the bugs :( All our kids got sick It was not funny and I didnt take many pics.

Alexandra was waiting to poke Cisco while he stomped on the bugs

Trying to get these two friends so Alexandra can learn homework was hard
Poor man kept breaking down, what with the sickness and lack of wants. He is actually in the red and has been most of this round. 

Woohoo I feel so proud :) like I have actually achieved something
It's just homework though. 
I did do the happy dance at this point 
My George thought I was mad lol 

Great wanted a mechanical skill so I let him do some body work x

So much fishing I have a lot of money from these fish
Only a few thousand really but that seems a lot. 

Ivy done a little gardening it was all I could do to raise her fun. 
Ivy and Alexandra made friends while gardening together. 

A day late and half way through the day Donny decided to age 
The pest man finally got rid of those bugs. I sent him straight to school 
I guess sleeping on the floor and stinking to high heaven caused him not to age. 

With no children home Great got a much needed shower, toilet and sleep xx 

Ivy came home with a star above her head :) 

She is one smart cookie.

As Great watches over his children doing homework, 
He actually wanted to play. 

We leave these rotters until tomorrow. 

I have played this challenge as a little aside to the prosperity, I don't understand how you all have such nice neat folders for yours and mine are just chucked on my page in any old random fashion. 
I am going to try and see how I do it hence I done this mini challenge in between. 

Thank you again Wen, I loved reading yours and bubbs. My blogging still sucks even though I have a complete playlist in my head I just cannot put it in words xx 

Sunday, 28 February 2016

Marmite2 - Round 5

Leeanna Marmite ~ adult 

As we enter our witches den, I built her house the way I want it to grow as I learnt from her parents it's going to be better than building a house to rebuild it. 

I think I like red this round

This was all I could manage on the money she had but on the plus side she does have two thrones. 

After inviting Adrian Love over, we added 300 odd tomatoes to the fridge,the house is looking bare, but a few promotions should fix that.

Please move in Adrian 

Oh yes and he brings 15.000 with him, wish I could do that simolean sign.

Adrian Love, LTW to become captain hero.
Turn ons hard worker and great cook 
Turn off is Make up 
Secondary he rolled 1 so Fortune. 

Please marry me...

Of course I will marry you but you have to take MY name my love x

So we bought a few bits to help the marriage along and we invited all of Leeanna's family and by the end of the party Adrian was friends with all of them.

I have to point out that this is my FIRST ever sim party.

Woohoo no party is complete without the smustle. 

Waiting for the guests...

Do I need to change Leeanna's name on the excel score sheet? I changed her house number.

Mr and Mrs Adrian Love.

Yum! cake and he feeds her ever so gently. 

Nice, I am so proud of myself :)

At least they waited until they were married, good children need to teach mine a lesson I think ;)

Chance card, Adrian accepted the challenge

Oh yes :) a promotion. 

And a baby bump....

This is a regular sight, Leeanna painted while Adrian slept.

Leeanna spent nearly all her time painting to keep her occupied and boost aspiration, 
she kept rolling the want to sell a painting.

Thank goodness for snap dragons and the witches thrones :) 
This round was too easy but now I can focus on other things. 
Shame those thrones only work for witches though it would do my sim children wonders xx

So when Adrian bought someone home from work he hung out until they were friends 
Here we are with Mr Traveller

A baby is being born and it's....

A boy (happy dance as we don't need any more children :) 

Looks like I missed the pic of him being born x

Adrian and Blue made friends fast as father and son played often.

Another friend to be made by hanging out, this guy needs a cell phone.

and a promotion in the bag 

Leeanna made to of Music career I love college for this reason, another perma plat sim x

Okay we tried to grow Blue up but Leeanna dropped him on the floor and went to eat cake, even though she wasn't even hungry.

I tried to find the missing file and I obviously failed, its easy to fix by mirror :)

Oh dear, we have a son and don't need more babies and Adrian goes and meets aliens. 

Grrr just checked Leeanna's ltw and she wants to graduate 3 children through college.
No thank you.

We leave this house with Blue being potty trained xx 

sims in the hood 12
hood worth 165,923